Lower Cost Spay & Neuter

November 17, 2018 is the LAST DAY to spay/neuter using an AAID Donation to lower your cost, so ACT SOON. Veterinarians will fill their schedules quickly to meet the deadline.
Here's how it works. When you call one of our clinic partners listed below to schedule your pet(s) for spay or neuter, just ask them for an Animal Allies of Idaho Donation to help lower the cost. They are allowed to apply our donation without written confirmation.
If you cannot afford the full cost to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered and live in Northern Idaho, AAID will donate toward your charges at any of our 12 animal clinic partners. The clinics charge their usual spay/neuter fees minus AAID's Donation. Every clinic charges differently and you are responsible for all charges beyond our donation. 
AAID does not require or subsidize vaccinations. Pet minimum age requirements vary among veterinarians but many require at least 5 months old unless there are special circumstances. So check with the clinic of your choice. 
Maximum AAID Donation Amounts 
You can help others by not using our maximum donation.

CATS ~ male $40, female $60 

The dog's weight on the day of the procedure determines the maximum AAID donation.
DOGS up to 50# ~ male $60, female $80
DOGS 50-75# ~ male $75, female $100
DOGS 70+# ~ male $90, female $115 
If your pet incurs additional charges for a concealed testicle or hernia repair while in for neuter or spay, AAID will make an additional $25 Donation if necessary to help with the extra cost.
Animal Clinic Partners  
Among our 12 partners, here are the 6 lower cost clinics across the 5 counties. All phone numbers are in area code 208.
Of the 2 here in Coeur d'Alene, Lake City Pet Hospital is lower cost than Prairie Animal Hospital.
Lake City Pet Hospital  664-5629
Prairie Animal Hospital  772-3214
Northwoods Veterinary Hospital, Athol  683-2708
Kellogg Pet Medical Center, Kellogg 784-1381
Benewah Veterinary Clinic, St. Maries  245-5234
Pend Oreille Veterinary Clinic, Oldtown  437-2145
Addition Animal Clinic Partners 
Lakewood Animal Hospital, Coeur d’Alene 772-9669
Hayden Pet Medical Center, Hayden 772-3288
Mountain View Veterinary Clinic, Hayden 772-7484
Rathdrum Animal Clinic, Rathdrum 687-2200 
Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic, Pinehurst 682-2771
Bonners Ferry Vet Clinic, Bonners Ferry 267-7502
To prepare for your pet's easiest recovery, visit our PLAN for the PROCEDURE page. 
Thank You for being a responsible pet parent. Please tell others to Spay and Neuter for a Brighter Future!