How fast do cats and dogs multiply?

Here are the basic numbers to show how fast cat and dog populations can get out of hand.

CAT REPRODUCTION ~ A female cat can produce an average of 3 litters in one year, and the average number of kittens in a feline litter is 5. So in just 2 years, 1 female cat and her offspring could produce 225 cats.

DOG REPRODUCTION ~ With an average of 1 litter of 5 puppies per year, in just 2 years, a female dog and her offspring could produce 25 dogs.
On average, every fixed pet prevents 10 more in just one year, And only 1 in 12 cats and only 1 in 10 dogs have life-long homes.

So even if you beat the odds and find life-long homes for all your kittens and puppies, by adding to the population you are still taking away homes that other homeless animals could have had.

Do your part for the well-being of all cats and dogs ~

Spay & Neuter

for a Brighter Future