AAID operates a low cost spay and neuter clinic and promotes the fact that sterilized pets live healthier and longer, as well as not adding to pet overpopulation.

Animal Allies of Idaho (AAID) is a 501c3 Public Charity Nonprofit, established in February 2013 with the mission of sustaining a healthy pet population. All donations are tax deductible. We opened the clinic February 2014 and have fixed nearly 800 cats and dogs with 100% client satisfaction. Our patients are preventing thousands of homeless pets each year for years to come.
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AAID's Clinic Team & Equipment are TOPS
Veterinarian - Dr. Cheryl Fite developed her passion about pet overpopulation in veterinary school on the Caribbean island of Grenada where she helped in spay and neuter clinics for pet owners and feral dogs and cats. During her 14 years as a veterinarian she has done thousands of procedures for local rescue groups. She also enjoys doing vaccination clinics and providing back-up for fellow veterinarians in full service hospitals.
Certified Veterinary Technicians - Kamiah and Rob Schmillen have 13 years of experience each in small animal health care. Office Manager-Vet Assistant Brittany Davies has also worked in veterinary practices for 13 years. Vet Assistant - Jesamie Stoddard has assisted in pet health care settings for 8 years.
*AAID complies with Humane Alliance surgical protocols.* 

   "These are great people who are passionate about their cause. This PROFESSIONALLY run organization has fixed 2 of my cats and my neighbors dog and what a savings with quality care! Their facility is run smoothly and professionally and is a clean and effective alternative for those who cannot afford a regular vet to do this procedure. Thank you for being there." -- Lola

   "I want to thank you guys for being so amazing. My dog just got fixed by your awesome team and we will be forever grateful for all of you." -- Jeni Parker 
We need your ongoing support to continue this important service. Please donate through our DONATE page and/or donate just by shopping! Details on our DONATE BY SHOPPING page.
AAID is grateful for donations from individual Animal Allies that have made the clinic possible, and from these pet nonprofit organizations that support our mission: 
   Spay & Neuter Subsidies, outreach through local agencies in 2014-2015 ~ 
                              $13,000 Made possible by the

Veterinary Supplies in 2014-2015 ~ $8,911.73 Made Possible by the

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